Each author's story is unique...

The contributing authors in this novel each offer their unique view and details in "Longing to be on the Other Side of the Storm". Scroll below to get to know each of them...

Meet the Authors...

Constance Bell, Main Author

Constance Bell is the founder and CEO of Life Instructions, LLC. Constance has served the citizens of Detroit for over 30 years, and excelled in various leadership roles throughout municipal government, including Executive Manager for the Planning and Development Department. There she administered a variety of Federally funded public service and community development programs in excess of 18 million dollars annually. She managed the development and implementation of the City of Detroit’s Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness and was the recipient of the Spirit of Detroit Award in 2001. Constance Bell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Lawrence Technological University and currently serves as the Secretary on the Alumni Board. Constance has always taken a leadership role in her community and currently holds the position of president for the association where she resides in Southfield. She is also a licensed insurance broker in The State of Michigan. Constance authored My Perfect Will an instructional planning guide to assist families with establishing a legacy. She recently published a spiritual/self-help book “Longing to be on the Other Side of the Storm.” Constance is a 2012 Graduate of Word of Faith International Christian Center Layperson’s Bible School. Constance has dedicated many years of her life to public service and “Constantly” cares about the welfare of the residents of the City of Southfield.

Catherine Eagen

My special friend for over 30 years


Catherine Eagan is the CEO of Eagan Financial Group and Founder and CEO of the Wealthy Women Network. She is an experienced and trusted voice in the financial community. As the first African-American Private Banker and Officer to one of Michigan’s largest banks, she financed millions of dollars for her high net worth clientele. Also, she served as Director for the Detroit Economic Growth Corp. Commercial Portfolio. A graduate of Simmons College and Harvard University, Catherine is a successful entrepreneur, sought-after NSA speaker, best-selling author, and internationally respected financial expert and trainer. People, including seasoned business owners, corporate executives, budding Entrepreneurs, pastors, professional athlete wives representing NBA, NFL, MLB, and diplomats, call on her to share sound financial strategies and solutions. She has spent countless hours working with youth, the unemployed, widows, orphans, and single parents to help facilitate financial stability. Her financial literacy contributions span over 50 nations in Europe, Africa, Middle and Far East and the Americas. Catherine has received numerous awards and citations from Fortune 100 corporations, governments, churches, and civic organizations. God has blessed her to become a high net worth individual. Now a developer and CEO
of her own company she’s currently focused on constructing multi-million dollar luxury villas in Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies. She is an ordained minister and married to Dr. J. Victor Eagan a prominent orthodontist with practices in Michigan and Turks and Caicos, BWI.

Joan Stephanie

My lifetime friend and confidante

Joan Stephanie Williams, wife, mother, elder. She is a woman who walks in obedience to God. After serving great leadership for more than 25 years, she now has stepped out to pursue her purpose and to fulfill her God given assignment. As Life Enthusiast & Spiritual coach. She is Founder of Motivation ‘N Motion ministries. This platform she uses to expound on the word of God. Through her gift of
encouragement, she identifies and encourages individuals to tap into their greatness, by letting them know that dreams really can come true. Her ministry truly enables her to reach people in a unique and gratifying way. She is gifted in the prophetic and also has exceptional leadership skills that impact religious as well as the business sector. Most recently she co-authored a spiritual/self-help book. Her belief is “with God all things are possible.”

Vicki Tate

My close cousin and friend

Vicki Tate is a Property Management professional in the Metropolitan Detroit area with a decade of successful experience. When she isn't busy overseeing properties, she enjoys working as an independent contractor as an On-site Meeting Manager for the Pharmaceutical industry.  Inspired by being a contributing author for "Longing to be on the Other Side of the Storm" she is currently working on a memoir.

Connie Reno

My true friend for over 20 years

Father, grandfather, mentor and  friend.  22 years in public service as Chief Compliance Officer with the City of Detroit an as Supervising Housing Rehab. Specialist. Construction has been my life. Self taught in various trades including mechanical, plumbing , electrical and carpentry. Multi-talented professional individual  is a true skilled, Jack of all trades. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit and great work ethic. Plans persist to retire from the City of Detroit and expand Reno Renovations LLC  Owner/ General Manager. I want set up shop and educate the youth  starting with those in tri-county area of southeast region of Michigan. A vision for the future... a trade academy garnering funds from public and private partnerships. I endeavor to entice, enrich, employ everyone from16 and before 21... boy's and girls, men and women it doesn't make a difference. 

My Bio is not laden with professional or academic achievements. It is designed and built for our future generations, the youth of Michigan.    Nothing beats a failure...  but a try!

This epiphany shall be the realization of an effort unforeseen before today. God bless America and God bless you. 

Michelle "Mickey" Harmon

My play sister and lifetime friend

Michelle (Mickey) Harmon has been a nurse for over 25 years working in a variety of healthcare settings. She holds a PhD degree in Nursing Education and has spent most of her career providing education to new and seasoned nurses. She demonstrates leadership and commitment to the growth of the nursing profession by mentoring and coaching new graduate nurses. She is a local, national and international speaker and a published author.

Krishawn Peace

My beautiful and gifted daughter-in-law

Dedicated, Determined, Ambitious and a Go-Getter are words used to describe Mrs. Krishawn Peace! These traits have brought this chic and edgy business women from her hometown of Detroit, Michigan worldwide! She is a city girl, with the goal to impact women all over the world with her self development transformation leadership. Health,wellness and her Peaceful Sentiments brands God has big plans for her, and her calling is to venture out as a business woman.

Armonni Peace

My adorable granddaughter


Missionary, Model, Owner and President of Keep Your Faith. Armonni’s mission is to bring light to the darkest places across the globe by spreading The Love of Christ, and aiding women discover Beauty, Identity and Purity. In addition to being committed to serving Jesus, the local church and community; Armonni is an Arts and Fashion student devoted to bringing faith to the fashion industry. As a model, stylist and growing designer, she is committed to serving looks as a professional model, representing leading fashion and beauty brands. Recently, her passion for fashion has birthed out Cute + Covered, home of the style guide! Where women discover identity through fashion and trends are set. Not followed! Armonni is invested in creating a safe space for believers to connect, collab, and create through faith, fitness, fashion and music at Keep Your Faith a community of believers that embody trusting the process even when it doesn’t look like the promise.  If nothing else, she desires for you to Stay Cute, Stay Covered, and Keep Your Faith.